Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen

Kaweco is a German made pen company which has been in existence since 1883 and producing fountain pens since 1908.  The Kaweco Sport pen was originally engineered for “ladies, officers and sport guys.”  In 1913, the short safety pens were offered with the headline “SPORTS-SERIES” – safest closure in every situation.  By the 1930’s it was consistently promoted as Kaweco Sport and promoted as a pen and mechanical pencil. 

Check out an articulate visual history of the Kaweco Sport pen here.

We were ecstatic to say the least when we placed our order for the Kaweco pen.  We opted for the white barrel.  We thought it would have a beautiful contrast with the gold colored nib.   When it arrived we instantly felt an aura of nostalgia come over us as we looked at the flat black colored box that it’s packaged in.  The black is reminiscent of a bygone era where typography and color selection was just as important as the instrument itself.  The design of the box alone was mesmerizing. 

Kaweco Fountain Pen

After opening the box and examining the writing instrument we were spellbound with the amazing shape and barrel of the pen itself.  It feels smooth yet firm to hold in hand.  Unscrewing the cap reveals the ornate gold colored nib.  The cap can then be placed on the back end during use like a traditional pen.  We can see how it was also considered a safety pen since you have to screw the cap back on to make sure it’s sealed in between uses.  No worries of accidental cap removals, etc.

Kaweco Fountain Pen Kaweco Fountain Pen Cap Kaweco Fountain Pen Tip Kaweco Fountain Pen's flow

And now for the writing.  Wow!  It writes and feels very smooth and the ink flow isn’t overpowering that it loses the ability to create both thin and darker lines.  You can easily create nice flairs especially if you prefer cursive writing.  We are more than happy to have made this purchase and we’re already planning on what our next Kaweco pen will be.  This is a must have in your pen collection!

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