Smencil, the gourmet scented pencil.

We thought the idea of a pencil smelling like watermelon was yummy.  And now here we are…reviewing a Smencil.  Don’t worry it’s just not a pencil that smells like watermelon (they have tons of other scents) but it’s also an environmentally friendly pencil since it’s made from recycled newspapers. Yay! We have to try and help the environment somehow right?  :)  

Smencils makes their pencils (try saying that ten times fast) by rolling newspapers really tight around #2 graphite and then hardened so they take on the shape and hardness of a traditional pencil. Then they soak them in their “gourmet” liquids, which happen to be from an award winning fragrance company (seriously, we’re not making this up).  Once dry they attach the erasers and individually pack them in these biodegradable freshness tubes. Interesting right?  We’re still not really sure what’s “gourmet” about having “gum-e bear, juicy melon, cherry vanilla, waffle cone, pom paya, sorta soda, pearrrfect, razzleberry, syrupdipity and kinda cola” scents but it’s a unique twist on the traditional pencil.  Yup, and all that applies to just the “original scents.” They have a plethora of other products on their site.  

Favorable characteristics:

- Smells like watermelon. 

- Environmentally friendly pencil and biodegradable tube.


- Smells like watermelon.  (ok, we liked it for the first 5 minutes then we were done with it)

- Eraser seems rough and inexpensive

- Leaves fingers smelling like (in our case) a fruit basket.

Smencils Watermelon Smencil Watermelon Made from recycled newspapers Made from recycled newspapers Lost Scribe typography.

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