Midori Brass Ballpoint Pen

Midori Brass ballpoint pen


We just received our Midroi Brass Ballpoint Pen and we must say it’s a beauty.  It instantly feels so nostalgic like something that perhaps has been handed down from your great grandfather.  And to think that with age it will look even better.  We can’t wait to say the least!

The Midori Brass ballpoint pen is inspired from old WWI bullet pens that were basically manufactured from real bullet casings.  The Midori one you see here is a little similar but unique in it’s own right.  Each pen comes in two parts, the top brass part and the bottom part is where the actual pen is held.  You can refill the pen part with refillable ink inserts after easily twisting off the tip end near the ballpoint area.  (inserts are sold separately)  

I love having the ability to use it in “writing format” and if I want to minimize the size to ease use of transporting, I can easily flip the pen back inside the brass cap and shrink the size.  With the pen out and attached to the cap it measures approx. 5.5”.  With the pen inside the cap it measures a tad over 3.75”.  The pen itself has a very fine point and writes smooth enough to quickly fall in love with.  We can’t wait for our new pen addition to start wearing it’s aged vintage colors that brass is so well known for.  

Midori pen Midori pen

Handwriting with Midori

The only drawback we could say this pen has was the packaging itself.  After being spoiled with the packaging from the Midori Traveler’s Notebook and the Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen, we realized that perhaps this is the one small and only unappealing characteristic of the pen.  In conclusion, we recommend adding this classic pen to your collection!

Midori Brass Ballpoint Pen

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