Tops Royale Hard Cover Notebook

Tops Royale Book


We enjoy having different types of notebooks readily available for any type of occasion.  There’s a true trusty travel companion that tends to accompany us everywhere (we think you already know which one that is, the T.N.) but for specific opportunities we like to opt for something a little harder, in this case, the Tops Royale Hard Cover Notebook.  

Let’s start off by saying that this notebook can deliver one heck of a bang for your buck.  The hard cover notebook has a beautiful durable black cover and comes with a black ribbon marker.  Each page has a labeling box to easily organize projects by date.  They come with 96 sheets per book and are stocked with 20lb white paper.  Below you’ll see some of our note taking which was taken with a Kaweco Sport Fountain pen with blue ink.  Virtually no transparency to the back page after writing so we were happy about that.  Oh and get this, we paid a little over $10 for this notebook!  This is a nice workhorse notebook that can take a beating and available for a great price.

Tops Royale Book Lost Scribe handwriting on a Tops Royale book Tops Royale book

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